Five Things to do in Middletown, NY

Planning to stay in Middletown, New York? This place is known for being an excellent place to hike, bike, and do country drives nearby. It is also the site of Orange County Fair each summer and Orange County Fair Speedway. It has Highland Lakes State Park as its nearest park. If you are an adventurous person who loves the thrill and to travel, you must definitely go see Middletown, New York, and relax there! Here are five things you can do in Middletown, New York:

  • Visit Highland Lakes State Park

Have sight of undeveloped woods and lakes and relax. You can also stroll around and have a breathtaking adventure around! If you are looking for a place where you can have natural fun, then this is the place.

  • Read at Thrall Library

Are you a bookworm and loves the smell of books? Visit the Thrall Library and be enthralled with the numerous books you can read inside!

  • Relax at Relax Zone and Spa

If you are not up for an adventure yet and just want to relax, enjoy peace in this massage spa and you’ll feel refreshed after you are done.

  • Dine at Tony Boffa’s

What’s a tour without food, right? Enjoy mouthwateringly Italian foods you’ll love and crave more at Tony Boffa’s!

  • Tour the Historical Society-Middletown

Take a tour of the historical landmarks in this museum and get to know the historical people who once lived in the city, and enjoy other political and economical history in this museum.

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